This is why I prefer Linux

If you do not know yet, the Japanese standard computer keyboard has quite a few more keys than US/other European keyboards that we are used to. Whether there is a point doing so or not is a topic for another time (assuming I am knowledgeable enough to have a proper discussion), but one thing I know for sure[1] is that on Linux you can remap any keys on your keyboard to any other key supported by the system, meaning you could change those keys on the right side of the spacebar that you never use to something you might use! So I did what every reasonable person would do and spent 5 hours last night, from midnight to 5am figuring it out.

And then I can't use the Enter key anymore.

I mistyped 66 (Caps Lock) as 36 (Enter),,,
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Nexus 5

Nexus 5,
Nexus 系列手機為開發者和黑客而生,強調開放和自由,與後來因電池問題而換用的 Sony Z3 的所謂開放絕對不能相提並論。
後來 Z3 的屏幕爆裂無法使用而又被逼用回 Nexus 5,我的心情竟然是開心的。
如今,與 Nexus 手機有著同樣精神的 OnePlus 也成了我更換手機的「唯一」選擇。此機也及時在 Nexus 5 的 WiFi 功能故障時到達。
新機到手,代表著 Nexus 5 的使命也終於圓滿結束。

Nexus 5, you will be remembered, forever.