Random Stuff Journal | 最近在研究的事情

2022-12-03 Read about Degree Confluence. A little similar to Geocaching/Ingress/Pokemon Go?

2022-11-16 Calculation of coverage maps of Hong Kong TV transmitters to see where in Macau does it cover.

2022-11-15 Realization that Formosa Magazine (美麗島雜誌) is available in UBC Library.

2022-11-13 History, Civics Education, Geography textbooks in Taiwan. Reading them in my free time.

2022-11-09 TV broadcasts in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon in DVB-T format in 8MHz, same as France (TNT). It is encrypted to prevent Canadian cable companies from legally receiving it. Still wasn't able to find where can I get hold of a decryption card.

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