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2023-02-02 有2009年的論壇説澳門當時有地下電視台,使用 DTMB, DVB-T, DVB-T2 同時廣播,似乎是用作發財巴的電視。有機會可以用 RTL-SDR 測試下。也有提起澳門當年的 DTMB 測試和使用六米魚骨天線接收香港電視信號:http://www.tvrobbs.com/showthread.php?threadid=8451

2022-12-19 Finally have some time to analyze the mux dumps of Macau Cable TV. Looks like none of their muxes have EIT (event information table, aka EPG) in the stream. Where do they get EPG info from then? Do they have no EPG? Or they get it from internet (unlikely)? Or they use a proprietary format (why)? Or they are encrypted (is it possible)?

2022-12-03 Read about Degree Confluence. A little similar to Geocaching/Ingress/Pokemon Go?

2022-11-16 Calculation of coverage maps of Hong Kong TV transmitters to see where in Macau does it cover.

2022-11-15 Realization that Formosa Magazine (美麗島雜誌) is available in UBC Library.

2022-11-13 History, Civics Education, Geography textbooks in Taiwan. Reading them in my free time.

2022-11-09 TV broadcasts in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon in DVB-T format in 8MHz, same as France (TNT). It is encrypted to prevent Canadian cable companies from legally receiving it. Still wasn't able to find where can I get hold of a decryption card if I were to visit.

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